3.4 GW auction of long-term electric power contract

3.4 GW auction of long-term electric power contract

The Colombian government completes the cycle of construction of public policy that will meet the objectives of strengthening, complementing and diversifying the country’s energy matrix, by launching 3.4 GW auction of long-term electric power contract.

The Government of Juan Manuel Santos committed to these objectives since the issuance of Law 1715 of 2014 , which regulated the integration of non-conventional renewable energies into the National Energy System. The decree 570 of 2018 set the objective to complement the power generation matrix, and finally the resolutions 40791 and 40795 of 2018 launch the first energy auction long-term electricity.

The long-term energy auction will allow an better incorporation of renewable energies into the national energy system. This auction will offer contracts for a period of 10 years that will begin their energy delivery obligations as of December 2022 and will be carried out in January 2019 for an amount of 3,443 GWh-year, equivalent to approximately 1,000 MW of installed capacity. .

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Germán Arce Zapata reiterated the promise of the government to fulfil the obligations of COP21 and the guarantee that Colombia will have energy sustainability in the medium and long term.

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