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Aerospace & Defense Business activities & Projects Latin America

A milestone for Shipbuilding in Brazil

Blue Amazon, the driving force behind the Submarine Development Program, will celebrate on December 11 the most extraordinary constructive milestone in the Brazilian naval history: integrating the sections of the

Power & Alternative Energy Science & Technology

Produced water to generate Blue Energy

Scientists from the ConocoPhillips Center for Water Sustainability, the University of Texas Qatar, and Sydney University of Technology have worked together, on a project funded by the Qatar National Research

Business activities & Projects Middle East

Reactor container of Akkuyu unit 1 has been installed

The most important equipment of the first unit of Akkuyu npp, the reactor vessel, was delivered to the construction site after traveling 3000 km. the reactor vessel is a large-sized

Africa Marketing & Strategy

Algeria has exhausted 50% of its oil and gas reserves

Algerian Energy Minister Abdelmadjid Attar stated that half of Algeria’s discovered and confirmed reserves of gas and oil have been exhausted. The confirmed national oil reserve was estimated at 1.7

Middle East Other Topics Safety & Regulation

A new centrifuge assembly facility in Iran

The International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed that Iran has begun building an underground centrifuge assembly facility near the site of the previous facility in Natanz, where an explosion occurred