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African Universities Meet to Prompt Human Resource Development in Nuclear Science and Technology with IAEA Support

A shortage of qualified workers in nuclear science and technology remains a significant challenge common to several African IAEA Member States. Additionally, education and training often rely on foreign educational

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Southeast Asia Focuses On Russia’s Growing Nuclear Market

By launching the first floating nuclear plant in May 2018, Russia has taken a step ahead of other countries interested in mobile nuclear power plants. With this new type of

Middle East Technology

What does Iran’s nuclear production mean?

Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, declared recently that his country plans to produce 190 thousand “separation unit” (SWU), within the next ten months. Salehi said

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The strategic role of nuclear energy at the 2019 World Energy Congress

The World Energy Congress is the premier event of the World Energy Council, held every three years in selected cities and is the world’s largest and most powerful energy gathering.

Business activities & Projects Latin America

The fate of Heavy Water production in Argentina

Heavy water ran out of customers. The crisis at the Arroyito plant added a new frustration. The Minister of Energy, Alejandro Monteiro, admitted the lack of markets for production. The

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Campaign of public awareness

Sandeep Pal, secretary of the Human Welfare Society, a science company affiliated to the, Indian Government Science Club launched recently a campaign of awareness in public and private schools about

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Kazakhstan sells nuclear fuel to Brazil

Kazakhstan’s energy market is struggling with an oversupply of nuclear fuel, but its national uranium import and export operator Kazatomprom has announced its first deal with Brazil. The cost of the deal

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Nuclear sector crisis: chronicle of an announced adjustment

After the suspension of the agreement between Argentina and China for the construction of a fourth nuclear power plant in the country, a new question is opened for nuclear activity.

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Rosatom business in Uzbekistan

Aleksey Likhachev, General Director of the Russian State Nuclear Energy Authority (Rosatom), met recently President Shevket Mirziyoyev, to discuss the details of the construction of a nuclear power plant in