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Back-end business in China for Orano?

On May 4, Wang Shoujun, chairman of China National Nuclear Corporation, met in Beijing with Philippe Varin, Chairman of Orano. During the meeting, two sides discussed the cooperation in the

Business activities & Projects Middle East

Inauguration of Al-Qawaira Solar Power Station in Jordan

On April 27, the Jordanian government launched a new solar power plant in Al-Qweira, in the southern province of Aqaba, with a capacity of 103 megawatts for domestic use. It

Greater China Other Topics

Will Taiwan’s nuclear restart?

Taiwan’s “Atomic Energy Council” agreed on the 14th that Unit1 of Taiwan No. 3 Nuclear Power Plant will be starting operations afterthe outage. It is expected that the full-load power

Marketing & Strategy Middle East

A short lesson of localization and strategic partnership

During the INPPS summit, only two companies were interviewed by the national media: KSG Makina (KSG), a private company based in Adana (Turkey) and Ateliers de la Meuse (ALM), a

Greater China Science & Technology

CNNC showcase in Atomexpo

On May 14, the 10th Russia International Nuclear Industry Exhibition (Atomexpo) was held in Sochi on the Black Sea coast. China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC)presentedthe Hualong No.1 and the high-temperature

Business activities & Projects Middle East

Israeli-Palestinian agreement on electricity

On May 1, the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) concluded a 15-year agreement with Israel worth an estimated 775 million USD. Under the agreement, the P.A. will be able to build four

Greater China Other Topics

China floating nuclear power plants: the Russian model

China is building its own floating nuclear power plant, and South China Sea will host 20 offshore units. The development of offshore nuclear power plants has only one purpose, to

Greater China Science & Technology

The progress of the Travelling Wave Reactor

Global Innovation Nuclear Technology Co., Ltd. (“Global Nuclear“), a joint venture between CNNC and TerraPower, will complete the design and the construction of the demonstration project of TWR-300 (300 MW)

Greater China Science & Technology

The progress of the Yanlong reactor

On April 26, Rong Jian, deputy director of the China Nuclear Power Development Center, a department of the National Energy Administration, went to China Institute of Atomic Energy to investigate