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Greater China Other Topics

CNNC Geothermal Projects in Tibet

Chen Hua, Chairman of the Board of China Nuclear Power Company, CNNC (Tibet) Industrial Development Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with CNNC KunHua Energy Development Co., Ltd. on the development

Greater China Technology

Linglong 1 SMR, from design to construction

The preliminary design review of Hainan Changjiang SMR Demonstration Project–“Linglong No. 1” (ACP100) was completed, laying the foundation for the engineering application of modular small reactors. The Hainan Changjiang “Linglong

Business activities & Projects Middle East

Benpan solar energy project unveiled

Tuesday, March 13, the start of the first solar power plant operating in Benpan, in Aswan Governorate, as part of the Egyptian government project to establish the world’s largest solar

Greater China Other Topics

A Global Nuclear Renaissance in 2018?

Nuclear energy faced severe variations, including: the competition from low-priced natural gas, and the growth of demand for distributed renewable energy generation and photovoltaic power generation in specific markets. However,

Africa Marketing & Strategy

Sudan and Russia roadmap in nuclear

On March 16, the Sudanese government and its Russian counterpart signed a roadmap to start the executive procedures for the construction of a nuclear plant in the middle of next

Business activities & Projects Middle East

Acwa Power joins the bid to acquire Jordanian power plants

The Jordanian government has selected the Saudi power company, “Acwa Power”, amongst the companies that have reached the final stages of a tender for the purchase of 6 solar and

India Subcontinent Marketing & Strategy Middle East

SOMO exports in Asia

Iraq signed long-term contracts to supply crude oil to large Indian energy companies including Reliance.  The head of State Organization for Marketing of Oil “SOMO” declared that Iraq remains one

Latin America Safety & Regulation

Shielding Calculation in Industrial Radiological Applications

From March 19-23, 2018, the Radiation Sources Regulatory Partnership (RSRP) conducted a one-week workshop on Shielding Calculation in Industrial Radiological Applications in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The recipient was the

Business activities & Projects Middle East

Maintenance contracts of $ 130 million in Kuwait

Kuwait’s Minister of Oil, Electricity and Water, Bakhit Al-Rashidi, signed a contract for the annual maintenance of mechanical equipment at the power and refinery plants in the “Al-Zour Southern” station