2018 clean energy program in China

2018 clean energy program in China

Subject: Major Project on Clean Energy


   (I) Non-fossil energy sustainable development project


Hydropower. Actively promote the construction of hydropower projects already under construction, and plan to add about 6 million kilowatts of installed capacity during the year. We will steadily push forward the approval and construction of qualified projects and plan to commence the construction of hydropower stations such as Lawa in the Jinsha River during the year.

Nuclear power. Actively promote the construction of nuclear power projects having started during the year and plan to build Sanmen 1, Haiyang 1, Taishan 1, Tianwan 3 and Yangjiang Unit 5.

Wind power. Steady progress in wind power project construction. Plan to start new construction of about 25 GW, and the new installed capacity increasing about 20 GW. Actively and steadily promote the construction of offshore wind power, explore and promote the construction of the offshore wind power demonstration project in the far-reaching sea area in Shanghai, and accelerate the development of decentralized wind power.

Solar energy. Steadily promote the construction of photovoltaic power generation projects and standardize the development of distributed photovoltaic power generation. The demonstration project of solar thermal power generation was promoted in an orderly manner. During the year, CGN plans to build a nuclear power plant in Delingha and other demonstration projects with a total installed capacity of about 200 MW.

Biomass power generation. Plans to build biomass power installed capacity of about 1.5 GW kilowatts during the year.


  (II) Energy Green Consumption and Running for the benefit of the people


Electricity alternative. In the areas of coal-fired boilers, kilns, port shore power and other key alternative areas, implement a number of alternative energy projects, the annual plan to complete alternative electricity 100 TW (Terrawatt)

Electric vehicle charging facilities. Actively promote the construction of charging battery, and plan to build 600,000 charging battery within a year, of which public charging battery 100,000, and 500,000 private charging battery.

Heating and cleaning projects in Northern areas. According to local conditions, implement a batch of clean heating projects and increase the area of ​​clean heating by more than 1 square Km.

Energy Construction Project in Rural areas. During the year, it plans to invest 12 billion yuan (1.9 Billion USD) in the budget of the central government for rural power grid upgrading projects.

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