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Greater China Technology

CGN unveils E-beam Irradiation treatment technology

Suzhou City organized recently a kick-off meeting for China’s first version “specification of the electron-beam (EB) irradiation wastewater treatment technology”. China Nuclear Society, CGN Dasheng Accelerator Technology Co.,Ltd (“CGN Dasheng’’

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Morocco moves into nuclear

In October 2015, former Energy Minister Abdelkader Amara announced Morocco’s intent to integrate nuclear energy into the Moroccan energy mix on the occasion of the visit of an expert mission

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Tripartite strategic cooperation agreement

On April 25, the China Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Co., Ltd(CNI5), the CAS-HaiHua Nuclear Material Technology Co., Ltd ( “CASHH” ),and the Haiying Group signed a three-party cooperation agreement, aiming

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Linglong No.1 reactor

On the recent “12th China International Exhibition of Nuclear Power Industry” (Cienpi) held in Beijing, the CNNC showed its independent small reactor— “Linglong No. 1”, actually the former ACP100 technology

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Gen-IV Fast Reactor Project expects to start this year

Recently China Nuclear Energy Industry Corp (CNEIC)announced that Harbin Electric was awarded the tender to supply the oxygenator and deaerator for *Xiapu Pilot Project. Harbin Electric stated that Xiapu project

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CNNC international expansion

On two consecutive days at the end of April, CNNC high-level management totally received three foreign delegations in Beijing to fully follow up the on-going cooperation and at the same

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Jinan breakthrough in the energy field

According to the Mid-Long-Term Development Program of Shandong Province, three large nuclear bases will be built by 2030. In addition, Haiyang NPP is expected to be operational this year. Shandong

Greater China Safety & Regulation

Nuclear safety project in China

The CAEA and the Cooperation and Development Office of the European Commission announced their cooperation results on the project of the nuclear safety capacity building in Beijing. This 3-year project

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CNNC-Jianzhong supplies Nuclear Fuel to Hainan

On May 22,*CNNC Jianzhong Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd and Hainan Nuclear Power Company held a work exchange meeting following a signing ceremony regarding the purchase of the nuclear fuel assembly