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Taipower filing for bankrupcy?

Taiwan “United Daily News” reported that if the 4th Nuclear Power Plant is directly abandoned, Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) will definitely filing for bankruptcy. Democratic Progressive Party Mr. Zhong Jiabin

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Fuel Handling Market Opportunity in China

Westinghouse held recently the First Annual Meeting with the *PaR-TZ Nuclear Co., Ltd to discuss the safety, reliability and the running efficiency of  the fuel handling system and fuel handling

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China regrets the costly choice for the AP1000

During 2008-2010, except for 6 imported reactors, all built nuclear reactors have been connected to grid. Among the 6 reactors, 4 are AP1000 by Toshiba-Westinghouse, while another 2 are EPR

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China plans 8 units in 2017

The National Energy Administration (NEA) revealed on 17th that China will actively move forward with the approval and construction of the qualified nuclear power projects within 2017 and is scheduled

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Offshore floating nuclear listed in the “13th Five-year Plan”

The offshore floating platform, also named as the “marine nuclear power plant” plays an important role in the gas/oil resource exploitation and the development of the surface ship nuclear power

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CAEA cares about the spent fuel reprocessing in future

As said in the medium-long term development program, by 2020 China’s installed nuclear capability in operation would reach 5800MW. It is estimated to generate around 14 thousand tons of the

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Inland Nuclear could resume during “13th Five-year Plan”

The Deputy Director of the China Atomic Energy Authority disclosed that the site selection work of the inland nuclear power projects has just been concluded and it could resume the

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Qinshan Covets the International Nuclear Market

On January 17, in the annual working meeting of the China National Nuclear Power Co., Ltd (“CNNP”), Qinshan Nuclear Power Company (“hereafter referred to as Qinshan”) signed a strategic cooperation