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Made in China: The 4th Generation Nuclear Reactors

Earlier in August this year, a joint expert team consisting of China First Heavy Industry (CFHI), China Nuclear Engineering Group Corporation (CNEC) and the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy

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China exports maintenance expertise to Iran

Recently Chinese top officials visited Iran to discuss civil nuclear cooperation with Iranian counterpart. The Chinese delegation went to Arak heavy water reactor which is also known as IR-40, the

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Chasma Unit 3 supplies the grid

Pakistan’s fourth nuclear power plant, Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 (C-3) which is located near Mianwali started to supply electricity to the national grid on 17th October 2016 on trial basis.

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India will use TVS-2M nuclear fuel

Rosatom established TVEL Fuel Company in order to provide the best management and scientific structure in the Russian nuclear fuel cycle, to improve the effectiveness of the fuel production and

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The economic sustainability of Dabaa NPP

The proposed nuclear facility at Dabaa is attempts to satisfy Egypt’s future energy needs. Rosatom will build the reactors and inject 85% of the USD $25 billion project. Egypt will

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India opens its nuclear business to Japan (follow up)

India is looking for Investment, Technology and more competition. Russia, France and the USA are the main contenders, China is trying to get into the market and Japan desperately trying

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Saudi’s first nuclear reactor

King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable energy (K.A. CARE) announced the partnership with the Korean Nuclear Energy Research Institute to develop the technology of a small compact nuclear reactor

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India and Russia will soon announce the deal of KNPP unit 5&6

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and President of Russia Vladimir Putin will announce the signature of the agreement for the construction of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP) unit 5

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Jordan Begins Production of Yellow Cake

A specialized team from the Research Laboratories and Information Directorate at the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) has recently extracted Uranium from ores in central Jordan in order to begin