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Business activities & Projects Middle East

UAE project in Barakah

The United Arab Emirates have completed 68% of construction work of the project of the nuclear power plant. This project will provide nearly quarter of the needs of the UAE of electricity, as well as it will reduce carbon emissions in the state by 12 million tons annually.

Greater China Technology

Qualification Test for Hualong No.1 Nuclear Pump

The qualification tests for Hualong No.1 project pump has been in motion recently

Greater China Marketing & Strategy Other countries Technology

China and Indonesia develop the HTGR

CNEC is actively promoting its HTGR technology to Indonesia and signed recently a cooperation agreement to develop the reactor in Kalimantan

Greater China Technology

Tsinghua entry in the market of 600 MW

CNEC and INET Tsinghua has reached a consensus that they will keep on optimizing the design of 600 MW HTR to ensure economic performance. A proposal to construct two 600 MWe HTRs at Ruijin city in China’s Jiangxi province passed a preliminary feasibility review in early 2015.

Business activities & Projects Greater China Safety & Regulation

Reprocessing plant selection halted in Lianyungang

A planned Sino-French nuclear fuel reprocessing project was stopped by public protests, which indicates Chinese nuclear reprocessing work has a long way to go.

Business activities & Projects Greater China Other countries

China Passive hydrogen autocatalytic recombiners enter Russian market

A key piece of equipment developed by the CNNC– Passive hydrogen autocatalytic recombiners has been exported to overseas now and promoted the safety of Chinese nuclear power technology and significant equipment.

Africa Business activities & Projects

Ghana uranium low-enrichment

CIAE and CNNC succeed in critical experiment in the Ghana atomic micro reactor low-enrichment renovation project.
It not only supports international nuclear security, but also has wide applications in different aspects.

Middle East Supply chain & Procurement

Jordan is Hiring Nuclear Experts

This article states the most important points mentioned in a press conference about the Jordanian Nuclear Program

Marketing & Strategy Middle East Supply chain & Procurement

Saudi Arabia does not have the right infrastructure for a nuclear power plant

Russia assessed the lack of infrastructure in Saudi Arabia for the construction of nuclear power plants. Its experience in Bangladesh and Vietnam, as well as the joint projects which are currently under construction in Turkey, Jordan and Egypt gives Russia a clear advantage over its competitors.