183 Egyptian construction companies to participate in Al Dabaa project

183 Egyptian construction companies to participate in Al Dabaa project

Dr. Karim El Adham, spokesman for the Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (ENRRA), announced that the Authority has issued a “Site Approval Permit” for Al Dabaa nuclear power plant, noting that it has sent it to Egyptian Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA), The executing agency of the project, as part of the steps to start its implementation. Documents, files and fees are also being reviewed for the “work permit”.

For its part, Russian company Rosatom is completing the selection of Egyptian construction companies involved in the construction work.

Gregory Soussine, vice president of Atomstroyexport, the engineering division of Russian company Rosatom, which operates the Al-Dabaa npp, disclosed the approval of the Egyptian Localization Committee for the participation of 183 Egyptian construction companies in the construction works.

Audits are conducted with these companies, so that the list is constantly updated to review their own accounts, as the tender documents require an audit of the contractor’s account prior to concluding the contract with him.

The Russian company has set the standards that it requires in the participating companies, including proving the experience of executing similar works, confirming the availability of the necessary equipment and technical capabilities, the presence of human resources specialized in the work to be completed, insuring financial capabilities and the ability to confirm the possibility of completing the facility on time and securing the risk of default.

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