120% increase in Iran’s exports of electricity

120% increase in Iran’s exports of electricity

The CEO of the Iranian Electricity Production, Transmission and Distribution Company (Tavanir) announced that during the current Iranian year (starting March 21st, 2019), the volume of Iranian electricity exports has increased by 120% compared to last year.

Mohammad Hassan Motevalizadeh stated that: “The policy of the electricity industry depends on expanding the scope of export of technical and engineering services, including the development of electricity exports to neighboring countries.” He explained that: “Given the needs that exist in the region as well as the needs of neighboring countries, we provide the necessary infrastructure for energy development and we push the export of electricity forward due to the available capabilities.”

Motevalizadeh pointed to the countries that exchange electricity with Iran, saying: “We have electric exchanges with all countries that we share land borders with, as we export or transfer electricity to some of these countries.”

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