10 Billion USD for the construction in Akkuyu

10 Billion USD for the construction in Akkuyu

As a Main Contractor, the company will execute works for construction of 4 power units using VVER-1200 reactors 1.2GW each following the Russian approach “NPP-2006”. This Project complies with the highest safety standards and belongs to the new “3+” generation with the improved technical and commercial characteristics. The works are to be done by 2028. Total cost of works will be approximately 10 Billion US dollars.

The first power unit is planned to be completed in 2023. In the course of the Project the following works will be done: construction and installation, equipment supply, commissioning supervision and participation in the start-up of the delivered facilities.

“We have years of experience in nuclear facilities erection. We are entering the Turkish project with the complete understanding of the plant construction processes and technologies” declared General Director Grigoriy Naginskiy.

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