• 2015 – Dynatom in Turkey

    After ten years in China with significant experience in the nuclear industry, Aline Telle joins Dynatom and leads the Dynatom office in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • 2014 – Dynatom in Switzerland

    Arnaud Lefevreopens a new venture in Europe, Dynatom International, to support the clients’ portfolios and to expand into emerging countries located in the Middle East and Western Asia. Dynatom becomes the international showcase of Dynabond Powertech and targets Turkey as a manufacturing platform for the Middle East, Central Asia and Asia Minor markets.

  • 2013 – Dynatom in the Middle East

    Liu Yang becomes the new General Manager of Dynabond Powertech. Liu Yang brought his ten years of sales experience in the nuclear power market. The management expands in the area of nuclear medicine in the Middle East, with a special focus on Saudi Arabia.

  • 2012 – Dynatom Magazine

    Launch of the media service of Dynabond Powertech – Dynatom Magazine, an electronic magazine dedicated to the Chinese nuclear power market, sent to 25,000 subscribers in 70 countries.

  • 2011 – Opening the rail safety expertise service

    Dynabond Powertech adopts its safety expertise in the rail business in China.

  • 2009-2013 – The US market

    The commercial activities of Dynabond Powertech are represented in the USA and Europe, to focus only in the Chinese nuclear power market.

  • 2008 – New partner

    Nicolas Schlumberger invests in Dynabond Powertech and brings his 30 years of expertise in investment banking. The company expands its business portfolio in the area of nuclear safety expertise and became the first firm to provide support for the Chinese certification: HAF 604.
    Dynabond Powertech starts its newsletter, a first of its kind, allowing hundreds of companies to read business insight in English from the Chinese market.

  • 2007 – Turning Point

    Frederic Mouen Makoua brought his expertise from the French nuclear industry (EDF, CEA and IRSN) and participates in the development of the firm as Chief Technological Officer. The firm became Dynabond Powertech Services and changed its core business to focus on the Chinese nuclear power market.

  • 2005 – Expansion in New Media

    Dynabond Investment Consulting expanded into the areas of media and new technology with the involvement of a new CEO, Arnaud Lefevre. The company became a Sino-French joint venture. Arnaud brought his expertise from his involvement with the BOCOG for the Olympic Games in Beijing, in particular in the area of new media.

  • 2003 - Creation of Dynabond Investment Consulting

    Six years later, Peter and his lawyer and partner Emily (Ying) Qian created a consulting firm focused on investment and finance consulting for foreign entrants in China – Dynabond Investment Consulting.

  • 1997 - Born to China

    Our business was born in China in 1997. Peter (Peiyi) Duan created Dynabond Technology to import machine equipment for the printing and packaging industry, and to start smart card manufacturing.