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Meeting between KA CARE and CNNC

The vice-president of King Abdullah city for atomic and renewable energy (KA CARE), Dr. Waleed bin Hussein Al-Farag arrived in Beijing to hold meetings with CNNC and CNEC to launch

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Islamabad nuclear project

Pakistan likely to build a new nuclear site within the Khan Research Laboratories in Kahuta, 30 kilometers east from Islamabad. The Khan Research Laboratories is a Government’s multi program national

Business activities & Projects Greater China Technology

CNNC and CNEC created a Natural Uranium Development Platform

On April 17, the Geological Mining Division of CNNC and the Investment Company of the CNEC signed a cooperation investment framework agreement, which aims to create a sharing platform specialized

Business activities & Projects Middle East Supply chain & Procurement Technology

GÜRİŞ cooperate with GE in wind power

By the end of 2015. General Electric (GE), signed a procurement agreement with GÜRİŞ  for the Dinar Wind Power Plant (WPP). GE and GÜRİŞ engineers determine the most suitable settlement

Middle East Supply chain & Procurement Technology

The first nuclear training center in Ankara

Dr. Yavuz Cabbar, Secretary General of Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) recently commented the improvement of ASO’s investment in the nuclear education and localization of the domestic supply chain. Experts

Greater China Middle East Technology

China and Saudi Arabia develop the HTGR

China and Saudi Arabia signed in Beijing a cooperation agreement for a joint study and feasibility of the construction of the high-temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTGRs) in the Middle East. Jun

Business activities & Projects Middle East Technology

KSA Cooperation in the Field of Nuclear Energy

In the framework of His Majesty the King of Spain, Philip VI and accompanying delegation to KSA were received by HE the President of K.A.CARE Dr. Hashem Abdullah Yamani.  During this meeting 

Middle East Supply chain & Procurement Technology

The impact of nuclear on the Turkish industry

The recent 4th International Nuclear Power Plants Summit in Istanbul gathered local and foreign manufacturers, supported by the Nuclear Engineers Association, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the

India Subcontinent Technology

India’s Fast Breeder Reactor

India’s first Indigenous Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR) located at Kalpakkam, around 80 km from Chennai, which was ready to be commissioned in September 2015, is now schedule for commissioning