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Product obtained from boron mine absorbs radiation

A substance obtained through purification of the boron mine is applied as insulation material against radiation in Turkey where 72% of the world boron reserves are located. A Turkish engineering

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Lebanon Leads ARASIA

 The head of the Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission, Mr. Bilal Nasooli, who led the Secretary of the Cooperative Agreement of the Asian Arab States Council (ARASIA) for Research, Development, and

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Bahrain’s First Renewable Energy Exhibition and Forum

 Bahrain is currently organizing its first renewable energy forum and exhibition. The exhibition’s goes under the title “Solar Technology and Environment in Bahrain (STEEP 2017)” and will be in parallel

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Jordan next Atomic Energy Forum

The Arab Atomic Energy Association in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Ministerial Arab Council of Electricity of the Arab League and the Arab Union for Electricity, announced the launch

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Nuclear “Olympics” was held in Shanghai

On July 3, the Plenary Session of the 25th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (*ICONE25), which is well known as the “Olympics” in the nuclear section, was held in the

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Hainan becomes the center of nuclear medicine

At the beginning of July, Mr. Wang Shoujun, president of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) met with the Provincial Governor of Hainan Province Mr. Shen Xiaoming in Haikou, the capital

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The Travelling Wave Reactor Project

  At the end of June, Mr. Wang Shoujun, President of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) met with the chief executive officer of TerraPower Mr. Lee Mclntire and his colleagues.

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Akkuyu and Novovoronej-2 twinning process

Vladimir Zarubayev, Chief Engineer of Novovoronej-2, explained that Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will technically have the same characteristics as Novovoronej-2 power plant in Russia’s Voronezh region. He indicated that the

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Japan invests in nuclear education for Turkey

The National Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Commission of National Grand Assembly of Turkey, drafted the law on the establishment of the Turkish-Japanese University of Science and Technology.   During